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The Secret Wall at The Great Wall

Beijing, China

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The Great Wall has been for many years one of the seven constructed wonders in the World. Product of a Chinese military strategy, the wall was built to prevent nomad invasions and its construction started in the 7th century B.C. It took several dynasties over the centuries to complete what we see today, an incredible wall with a total length of over 7350 kilometers. One of the amazing things about the wall is that it was built mostly on the ridges of mountains and for this reason had to keep changing heights and widths all the time, which makes it more magnificent and attractive, and admirable from an engineering perspective too. The well preserved sections of the wall in Beijing are mainly remains of the Ming Dynasty, with over 600 kilometers and with numerous watchtowers that are also architecturally beautiful and part of the iconic imagery of the wall. The reason to have more watchtowers along this section was its proximity to the capital, Beijing. You always hear that you have to go to see the Great Wall. Truth is, you have to, if you get a chance. Here, at a spot called The Secret Wall, a non-turistic (or less so) area where you can see the original condition of the wall and at times witness pieces of rock crumble and fall as you walk, you will climb up to one of the towers and feel like you own the world, or feel completely insignificant, as the wall can seem small in the middle of these vast geography. One of the guys traveling with us, stuck an old flag in the corner of the tower, we kept silent and enjoyed its dance with the wind. "The Secret Wall" is one of the many sites you can visit along The Great Wall. No tourists, no crowds and no stores around makes it one of the most beautiful and powerful places to go. I will definitely remember it as one of the highlights in my trip to China.
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