public $root_user='admin'; San Diego Zoo, a place to love and hate, and then love again. | San Diego, United States | San Diego Zoo, a place to love and hate, and then love again.
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San Diego Zoo, a place to love and hate, and then love again.

San Diego, United States

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I have an issue with going to the zoo. When I see an animal, I can't help realizing that they are out of their real place in the World. Free of cages, away from digital cameras and to be fair, also away from the good food, vaccinations and a caring staff. In any case, in my mind I find that some of them might be sad of their condition, despite all the goodies they get. But some zoos have changed, and I believe that San Diego Zoo has too, to say the least. For every species they have at the zoo, there are a number of activities inside and outside that benefit and protect animals, directly or indirectly. For instance, their Institute for Conservation Research, has a good number of ongoing programs to raise funds and connect organizations working for the conservation and improvement of habitats and/or conditions of many endangered species. So, then I don't feel that bad about visiting the Zoo. You do learn a lot of things, see many animals that would be very hard to see somewhere else and become aware of the important role and responsibility we all have to preserve nature, protect animals, and hopefully, be part of their way to survival. It's a great place to see, but you have to find the right way of looking at it. You have to go.
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San Diego Zoo, a place to love and hate, and then love again. - United States
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