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Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

Los Angeles, United States

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The second Thursday of every month from noon to 9pm (or to whenever bars shut down), Downtown Los Angeles becomes a public and open arts concert. Hundreds of people meander primarily around Spring and Main streets in the downtown area designated as Gallery Row. Usually live bands, laughter, screams and all kinds of different accents become the background music for discovering new art inside the more than 30 art galleries that open that night. With everything from live music performances and live painting to neon sculptures, from actors and artisans to flee markets and food trucks, this one night festival is great a way to understand and learn about Los Angeles arts culture, the most current work made by young artists from the area and in some cases from all over the World. It is also a great social scene if you are new to town and want to meet friendly locals. As the festival becomes stronger, downtown Los Angeles also becomes cleaner, with more restaurants, bars and dwelling projects, which is giving Downtown L.A. a little bit of New York feel, that in my opinion, is starving for, and that will continue to give more life to this area. Although there has been some controversy surrounding the festival and weather or not it should be a monthly event due to the rapid growth and demanding coordination of different groups involved, most people think, rightfully, that the show should continue, but just in case, while it lasts check it out!
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